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about us

ZMT Films began as a small instagram page in the midwest jokingly named “ZeachMuda Triangle.” Although the page originally gained minimal traction, it was given new life in 2019 by Dylan Mead and Hunter Thane when they decided to branch out from the classic wakeboard film format and film a full length movie on mini DV tape as a nod to parts of skateboard and snowboard film culture. Over the years, the original title of ZeachMuda Triangle morphed into the name “ZMT Films” and with the name change also came a more refined vision for the subsequent projects. 


All of our riders take a large amount of personal inspiration from other boardsports and we hope that the skate and snow culture we relate to flavors the feel and style of both our filming and our riding. ZMT is not a set crew of riders, each of our projects feature a variety of new faces as well as some original members. Instead, ZMT is more of a statement. A vision. A push to create a smaller niche within wakeboarding that is relatable not just to wakeboarders, but boarders as a whole. 

At our core, we just love boarding. We are here to explore the intersection of artistic self expression and good times with a crew that becomes like a family all through the lens of a good old fashioned HVX.

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Aaaand here's the obligatory "hey we also have an instagram" too....

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